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The Whiskies: What's in the casks


Image via Mike McFarlane

Our cask of whisky was distilled on the Isle of Arran in the year 2000. It's an ex-sherry hogshead. A hogshead is a 63 gallon cask, from which we hope to get around 350 bottles of 43% whisky after the angels have taken their share.

Isle of Arran

Off the west coast of Scotland, the Isle of Arran is only 20 miles long with around 5000 inhabitants.

15 Year Old in 2015

Our cask is going to be bottled in 2015, at which point it will be fifteen years old. The distillery is young but early samplings have been highly rated.

Contrary to the practice of some of the large distilleries, the whisky will not be artificially coloured and will not be chill filtered. It will be the natural colour that comes of fifteen years maturing in an ex-sherry oak hogshead.

Ex-Sherry Hogshead

Scotch whiskies are generally not matured in fresh casks. Most are matured in casks that were first used to hold American bourbon. Sherry casks can impart an extra dimension to the maturation process, and bring new flavours and colours into the process. Prices

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