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Storing Whisky in its Cask


With kind thanks to Speyside Cooperage.

Whisky matures in Oak casks. The whisky we have, distilled on the Isle of Arran, is maturing in an ex-sherry Hogshead (250 litres).

It is the maturation process that gives the whisky all the characteristics we love. Our cask is going to live on the Isle of Arran until 2015, at which point, the whisky, distilled at the turn of the millennium will be fifteen years old.

During this time, some of the whisky will evaporate and be lost to the angels share.

Ex-Sherry Cask

The particular cask that our whisky is maturing in is an ex-sherry hogshead, that will do its own bit for the flavour and colour. See our information about our whiskies for more detail. Bonded Warehouse

The storage process keeps the cask in a bonded warehouse. This means that customs and excise don't charge the duties until such time as the cask is removed from the warehouse (either before or after bottling).

These duties are included in the bottles' price. Once you buy a bottle there are no further charges.