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Whisky Gifts - The Ideal Present


With kind thanks to Jozsef Szoke.

Whisky gets more and more expensive the older it gets. Imagine if someone had bought you some in advance when it was younger and cheaper.

A Dram in Time is the kind of present that people will remember.


It's never too early to give someone a gift like this. Anyone who had done this for me at my christening would be my favourite Godparent right about now...


Do you know a bride and groom who both love whisky but haven't put A Dram in Time on their wedding list? Why not be adventurous and get them something they'll never forget? If you found us from their wedding list, drop us a line at wedding-list@adramintime.co.uk

Or maybe you're one half of a whisky-loving couple, in which case, why not put A Dram In Time on your wedding list - email us first at wedding-list@adramintime.co.uk.

Significant Birthdays

A special bottle of single malt is a present that will last. A Dram in Time is ideal as a 'coming of age' present or for those significant birthdays. Prices

Comprehensive pricing information is available, please contact us if you have any questions.